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Jib Crane

'Slewing' or 'wall-travelling' workstation cranes.

Jib cranes are an ideal solution to workstation material handling needs.

Available in several different configurations including wall travelling, column mounted or pillar/wall mounted, they may be fitted with the ZX wire rope hoist or LX chain hoist units.

  • Slewing Jib Cranes
    • Floor or pillar mounted workstation cranes.
    • With lifting capacities up to 20Te, Street slewing job cranes are available with an integral floor mounted column or pillar mounted for installation on to an existing building structure. 
    • Slewing angles up to 360 degrees are available with option for over or under bracing and power driven slewing.  
  • Wall travelling Jib cranes
    • Workstation material handling.
    • Essentially a travelling cantilever arm, the wall travelling jib crane provides a novel solution for workstation material handling.  
    • Offering hook coverage over an entire work cell rather than the more limited circular arc of a slewing job crane, these systems are ideal for overlapping use in conjunction with higher level overhead cranes.

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