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End Carriages

Also known as End Trucks, all Street end carriages are designed for easy crane construction and rugged operating performance.

Street offer a choice of different end carriage designs ranging from ‘standard’ two wheel modular section designs to super high performance four wheeled ‘double bogey’ style fabricated section end carriages.

All Street end carriages are supplied fitted with beam connection plates for top mounted, face mounted or shear mounted bridge beams.

  1. Rigid modular box section end carriages
  2. Very long-life SG iron or steel wheels 
  3. Dual flanged wheels or flangeless wheels with side guide rollers.
  4. Machined in one setting to ensure precise geometric wheel alignment
  5. Removable end plates for fast access to crane wheels.
  6. High impact rubber or hydraulic buffers 
  7. High quality direct drives
  8. Minimal maintenance requirements

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