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LX Chain Hoist

The Street LX chain hoist

The LX range is available in capacities from 125Kg up to 5Tonnes with single and dual speed options, standard headroom and low headroom design and powered, push or hand geared travel.

All lifting capacities are available at M5 (FEM 2m) with speeds to suit all applications.

Using our design experience with larger wire rope hoists Steet have incoporated 'big crane' technology into the LX which make for an extremely robust and reliable hoist.

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VX Wire Rope Hoist

Setting the heavy duty standard

Used in the most demanding arduous conditions, the Street VX open barrel hoist is renowned for its quality, reliability and durability with users who have the very highest demands of their production equipment.

With working capacities of up to 250 Tonnes SWL, high operating speeds, large lifting heights and the highest duty rating classifications of M8 (US Class F) available the VX hoist is available in a huge range of tailor solutions made to match the demands of every application precisely.

The VX hoist features dual deep scrolled hoist barrel offering true vertical hook path as standard with open layout design for ease of servicing with minimal maintenance requirements.

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ZX Wire Rope Hoist

The Street ZX wire rope hoist, the key to safe and efficient lifting.

The Street ZX wire rope hoist was first developed in the late 1990s and very quickly became the best selling hoist product that Street has ever produced, firmly establishing Street as a Global volume hoist manufacturer.

The ZX hoist very quickly developed a strong reputation for reliability and endurance with an unparalleled record in a vast range of applications and environments worldwide.

Every function of the latest generation ZX hoist has been reviewed and a whole series of innovations applied to provide new levels of user-friendliness and performance. The result is an easy to operate, high endurance hoist incorporating state-of-the-art technology.

The ZX wire rope hoist has been designed to fulfill expectations and improve our customer’s productivity. With exceptionally safe and efficient lifting, the new ZX hoist sets the benchmarks in the crane industry and provides a series of unique benefits for the user.

The ZX hoist epitomises intelligent design for easy load handling and we think you will agree represents unbeatable value for money and a serious investment. 

ZX 6 Wire rope hoist

  • Lifting up to 5 Tonnes.
  • The ZX6 Model is available with 4 gearbox ratio’s, 3 drum lengths & 2 different reeving arrangements. These options combine to provide a comprehensive range of hoists from 1 tonne up to 5 tonnes capacity with a large selection of duty ratings, lifting speeds & heights of lift.
  • The ZX6 is available in low headroom, base mount and double girder trolley configurations.

ZX 8 wire rope hoist

  • Lifting up to 25 tonnes.
  • The ZX8 Model is generally available with 4 gearbox ratio’s, up to 4 drum lengths & 5 different reeving arrangements. These options combine to provide a comprehensive range of hoists from 1 tonnes up to 25 tonnes capacity with a large selection of duty ratings, lifting speeds & heights of lift.
  • The ZX8 is available in low headroom, standard headroom, base mount and double girder trolley configurations.

ZX 10 wire rope hoist

  • Lifting up to 80 tonnes.
  • The ZX range of hoists offers pre engineered heavy lift hoisting solutions with very high quality and competitive prices.
  • 'SS' single gearbox – single rope hoists lifting up to 32 Tonnes
  • A combination of gearboxes, drums and rope diameter provides a huge model range at lower duties to suit all budgets. A single scrolled hoist drum provides the most efficient and cost effective solution for double girder applications up to 32 tonnes. 
  • 'ST' single gearbox – twin scroll hoists lifting up to 40 Tonnes
  • Double scrolled open hoist drum with a single gearbox provides a cost effective true vertical lift solution for medium to high duties up to 40 tonnes. 
  • 'DT' double gearbox – twin scroll hoists lifting up to 80 Tonnes
  • The top of the ZX range, the double scrolled hoist drum combined with a double gearbox for the highest lifting capacities or for very heavy duty ratings. Zero hook movement over the full lifting height.

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Special Hoist

In addition to the comprehensive range of pre-engineered hoists, Street has many years experience in the design and manufacture of special hoisting solutions.

Using the design philosophy taken from both the ZX and VX range of standard products, Street is able to design customized hoists to suit the precise requirements of the most demanding applications.

Special Street hoisting systems may be part of an overall crane solution provided wholly by Street Crane, or increasingly, Street is a provider of lifting solutions to the crane industry world-wide with many of the world leading crane makers incorporating Street special hoists into their crane designs. Some typical features which may be incorporated into special hoisting equipment are as follows:-

  • Special high speed/heavy duty combinations
  • Extra large lifting heights
  • Multi-point lifting
  • Rotating hoists
  • Multi directional hoists
  • Hoists integrated with grabs or lifting beams
  • Dual hoists
  • Special control equipment
  • Ultra low headroom hoists
  • Special high temperature applications
  • Molten metal solutions with 100% safe redundant braking systems.

Naturally all specially engineered hoists are manufactured to the highest quality standards in a modern purpose built plant using advanced production methods.

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